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Whether you are just starting out and putting together a resume, or you are negotiating with a potential employer to secure a new role, Hillman Ross will provide an invaluable help along your journey. Creating a detailed career plan can be one of the most useful tool to identify who you are and where you want to be but most importantly how to arrive there on time and in shape.


To identify where you really want to be you will need to answer question posed to yourself to discover what you want from your career. What are your values? Values are what you really care about, not only in your personal life but also in a work situation. Identifying and understanding your values can help you to:

  • Determine personal and career goals;
  • Make decisions about your career and personal life;
  • Select the type of position and working environment that best matches your own needs and preferences;
  • Understand the type of people you most like to be with;
  • Use your time and energy wisely to achieve the best result.


  1. You can make an analysis of your skills. Those accomplishments from the very educational qualification to your past achievements are to be analyzed. You can also add your achievements in your past job. This helps you to understand about yourself in a better way
  2. Do not hesitate to mention your skills when you apply for a job. Most of the time, interviews are to know about your qualifications, flexibility, interpersonal relationship and so on. So, it will be an advantage if you could mention your skills in your application. Why do the companies conduct interviews? It is to know about all your different skills.
  3. If you are asked at the time of interview, why you prefer to work in that company, you can provide your genuine answers. Tell them you are interested with the company’s genuine production. If you have any special knowledge of any particular making, you can put it forward. It will make a great impact on the minds of the employer. More than that keep yourself positive, confident and of course pleasant